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Top 15 the best business tools in 2022

This is listing of must have business tools and that helps you to automate daily processes, work efficiently and save your time significantly.

By Aatu Suihkonen | Founder at

In my opinion the right business tools is mandatory if we want to work professionally and with the right tools we can able to save time, automate manual processes and work more efficiency.

” right business tools is mandatory if we want to work professionally”

This “Toolkit” is a report of the best business tools you can find. The report includes all the best and most cost-effective business tools that will help your business become to explode. The tools are subject to a fee, but for each, you get at least a free trial period, in some tools you will also find a really good free version.

Many people has wished this kind of listing and I know that so many people are struggling with same problem: there is really too much offers on the market and anyone doesn’t have time to get familiarize all tools in the market, which is the best and what tools is mandatory to have

I have spent thousands of hours and numerous sleepless nights researching these things, tools and alternatives ……

Fortunately, you don’t have to, because you can only read this!

ActiveCampaign is the whole marketing automation dynamo and the heart. ActiveCampaign helps you create a growth engine that you can automate the way you want. ActiveCampaign also has extensive integration capabilities with other tools, making the tool truly powerful and versatile. In addition to marketing automation, ActiveCampaign also has a CRM feature that keeps you up to date on customers and their status. Every business needs a marketing automation tool and a CRM tool, ActiveCampaign combines these both in an effective way that you can customize to fully meet your needs. The price / quality ratio is very good and you will save so much time and manual work with ActiveCampaign.

Integromat helps you combine all the most important tools together and talk to each other. I think Integromat is an absolutely essential tool for every business, because of the significant time savings. Integromat helps you with manual work, you can automate them when you use Integromat. For example, you can combine ActiveCampaign, Calendly, and Google Sheet to work seamlessly together. Integromat really saves you a lot of time and automates manual work.

Calendly helps you schedule all appointments automatically and easily. Calendly also takes care of your calendar and makes sure your schedules are structured appropriately. With Calendly, I personally saved at least one hour per workday because I was able to make appointments with Calendly. Calendly is really well suited for a variety of uses and is absolutely mandatory in customer work, for example! 🙂

Canva helps you create good content efficiently and easily. Canva is definitely the best platform for content production, there you can easily manage the creation of various content, such as images and videos. There are many different templates in Canva that you can use to help create awesome content. For example, presentations, ads, and lists are easy to create with Canva.

Todoist helps you organize your project and tasks. Todoist is a must-have app for every organization to make day-to-day doing more efficient and organized. Todoist helps you remember all the required tasks and Todoist makes teamwork much easier.

Shopify helps you create a smooth-looking, eye-pleasing, and effective online store with ease. If you are currently working or thinking about an eCommerce business, Shopify is definitely the best platform for building an eCommerce business. The easiest way to build your own online store in Shopify is to get all the things you need there to start a successful online store. Shopify has ready-made templates and processes for your online store. Shopify is really cost-effective and the price/quality ratio is the best in this category. The integration possibilities are also really good and you can take advantage of all the above applications with Shopify.

Siteground offers you good and reliable maintenance and hosting services for pages such as WordPress and Woocommerce. With Siteground, you can create multiple websites, acquire custom domains, and customize servers as needed. If you run your business and website through WordPress, Siteground is the most cost-effective and best way for you to implement hosting and maintenance.

With LeadPages, you can easily create landing pages or web pages. This is a good alternative to WordPress, which I would recommend for use. The difference with LeadPages is a little easier approachability.

Webflow allows you to easily create landing pages and websites. This is also another good alternative to WordPress, which I would recommend for use. Also, the difference with Webflow is that it is a little easier to approach usability. If you want to create a website and are looking for alternatives to WordPress then definitely the best options are either Leadpages or Webflow.

Collect Chat provides an easy-to-use and powerful chatbot solution for websites. Collect Chat automates the answers to the most common questions and efficiently generates leads from website visitors. Collect Chat is a cost-effective and easy-to-use service that works well for both customer service and lead generation.

Supermetrics brings all your marketing data to one place easily and automatically, where it’s easy to interpret, process, or pass on. With Supermetrics, you automate your marketing metrics and easily track key KPIs from one place. Supermetrics brings significant time savings through automation, leaving you more time to interpret data and draw conclusions. I think it’s a must-have tool if you want to do marketing strategy and long-term focus.

Vidyard helps you easily create credible sales and training videos on its own platform. Making videos is really easy and you can easily share the created videos with the audience you want. Analytics about videos is really useful and you can see for example who the recipient has watched the video and how much. With Vidyard, you improve your sales work and save a lot of time.

TubeBuddy provides you with a great tool for growing your audience and increasing your effectiveness on Youtube. With TubeBuddy, you know what kind of content your audience wants and how to target your videos to the right audience. In addition, Tubebuddy offers you a lot of help in making videos effectively, so if Youtube is an important channel for you, then Tubebuddy is an absolute tool for you.

Leadfeeder offers you the opportunity to see who has visited your website. Leadfeeder allows you to make your website visitors leads and finally paying customers. Leadfeeder works well in support of other tools and is a really useful tool for every business.

With Apollo, you can easily prospect the most ideal customer prospects, which will hatch your dream customers in the future. Apollo retrieves the most important information from your customer prospectuses for you. Apollo works really well with Linkedin, for example, and Apollo can be integrated really neatly with the tools introduced earlier. For example, with ActiveCampaign or Integromat.

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